Where Do I Start?

The event will start with a panel of ambitious women who will share pieces of their personal and professional journeys. 

After the panel, all attendees will participate in a unifying activity, where everyone will connect on a deeper level. More than a networking event, this session will give attendees the opportunity to build the foundation of a new accountability group.

The event will end with breakout sessions where attendees can ask the panel experts questions specific to their own professional journeys. Women will be grouped according to their pursuit of corporate, entrepreneurial, or creative endeavors.

Facilitator Keewa Nurullah is looking to build a strong community of Chicago-getters. Where Do I Start? is her first event as a part of the inaugural Guild Row Creative Exchange Lab. The GRCEL is a space where emerging leaders and community organizers come together to spark innovation and drive change. At GRCEL, we're not just sharing ideas; we're bringing them to life through one-of-a-kind programming, collaborative projects, and access to unmatched resources. Join us in shaping the future, one impactful event at a time. This is where creativity meets community, redefining the possibilities for us all.

Looking for inspiration, connection, and next steps to create your dream career? Join us at Guild Row on March 30th, and meet some ambitious allies!