Latinx Leaders


    Hello, Friend/Hola, Amigo

    Author: 123 Andres Illustrator: Sara Palacios Description:  This bilingual board book will have readers singing along. It encourages readers to welcome everyone into their life regardless of what they look like...

    Besos For Baby

    Author: Jen ArenaIllustrator: Blanca GomezDescription: Everyone has kisses for Baby, from Mami and Papi to perro and gato. Using simple Spanish words, this charming read-aloud proves that love is the...

    Good Morning/Buenos Días

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    Author:  Meritxell Martí Illustrator:  Xavier Salomó Description:  Cleverly introduce basic ideas about what happens in the morning when you wake up, including a rooster crowing, an alarm clock ringing, Dad shaving,...

    Niño Wrestles The World

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    Fwap! Slish! Bloop! Krunch! He takes down his competition in a single move!No opponent is too big a challenge for the cunning skills of Niño―popsicle eater, toy lover, somersault expert,...

    Lejos Far

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    Author:  Juan Felipe Herrera Illustrator: Blanca Gómez Description:  El arbol de limones esta lejos de mi casa. The lemon tree is far from my house.The little boy's house is far from...

    Super Torta

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    Author/Illustrator:  Eric Ramos Description:  Bombo loves tortas. Bombo never forgets to pack his tortas for lunch. But when he accidentally drops one of his tortas in a bucket full of...

    Just Help! How to Build a Better World

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    Author: Sonia SotomayorIllustrator: Angela DominguezDescription: A journey through a neighborhood where kids and adults, activists and bus drivers, friends and strangers all help one another to build a better world for...

    Queen of Tejano Music, Selena

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    Author: Silvia López Illustrator: Paola Escobar Description: Born and raised in Texas, Selena didn't know how to speak Spanish, but with the help of her dad, she learned to sing it. With...

    Dream With The Latinitas - Suena con las Latinitas

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    Author: Juliet Menendez Description: In this board book adaptation of Latinitas, young readers meet inspiring women from all over Latin America and across the United States. With gorgeous, hand-painted illustrations, Juliet Menéndez...

    My Town / Mi Pueblo

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    Author: Nicholas Solis Illustrator: Luisa Uribe Description: In this bilingual picture book, cousins from opposite sides of the border visit each other's towns and delight in their similarities and differences. Suggested...

    Me Gusta

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    Author/Illustrator: Angela Dominguez Description: A stunning bilingual picture book that celebrates Latinx families by highlighting moments of connection and delight and feelings of safety and home, even through challenges and difficult...

    A Land of Books: Dreams of Young Mexihcah Word Painters

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    Author/Illustrator: Duncan Tonatiuh Description: Illustrations and text describe how the Mixtecs create painted manuscripts, or codices, that reflect their way of life and document their history, science, land tenure, tribute, and...

    Twas Nochebuena

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    Author: Roseanne Greenfield Thong Illustrator: Sara Palacios Description: It's Christmas Eve, and readers are invited to a nochebuena celebration! This bilingual reimagining of "The Night Before Christmas" is perfectly paired with...

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