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    Little Kid

    Santa in the City


    Author: Tiffany D. JacksonIllustrator: Reggie BrownDescription: It's two weeks before Christmas, and Deja is worried that Santa might not be able to visit her--after all, as a city kid, she...

    Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border


    Author: Mitali Perkins Illustrator: Sara Palacios  Description: It's almost time for Christmas, and Maria is traveling with her mother and younger brother, Juan, to visit their grandmother on the border of...

    We Found A Hat


    Author/Illustrator:Jon Klassen Description: Two turtles have found a hat. The hat looks good on both of them. But there are two turtles. And there is only one hat. Suggested Ages:...

    The Rock from the Sky


    Author/Illustrator: Jon Klassen Description: Here comes The Rock from the Sky, a hilarious meditation on the workings of friendship, fate, shared futuristic visions, and that funny feeling you get that...

    My Mommies Built A Treehouse


    Author: Gareth Peter Illustrator: Izzy Evans Description: When one boy sets out to build the treehouse of his dreams, there's so much to consider - from finding the perfect tree...

    Countdown for Nochebuena


    Author & illustrator: Adriana Hernández Bergstrom Description: This charming, bouncy text that alternates between English and Spanish and counts holiday elements like dancers, singers, and special foods up to twelve—to midnight, when...

    Dad & Daddy's Big, Big Family


    Author: Seamus Kirst Illustrator: Karen Bunting Description: Harper is going to her first family reunion! She meets so many people. There's her second cousin Noah. And her cousin Lisa, who lives...

    Esperanza Caramelo, the Star of Nochebuena


    Author: Karla Arenas Valenti Illustrator: Elisa Chavarri Description: On the night before Christmas, a spark of magic lights up Lita's Pastelería, and Esperanza Caramelo blinks open her eyes. Esperanza is a...

    Uncle Bobby's Wedding


    Author: Sarah S. Brannen Illustrator: Lucia Soto Description: Chloe loves, loves, LOVES her special uncle Bobby. So when she learns that Uncle Bobby is going to be getting married to his...

    A Gift for Amma: Market Day in India


    Author: Meera Sriram Illustrator: Mariona Cabassa Description: In this book inspired by the author’s hometown of Chennai, India, a girl explores the vibrant rainbow of delights in a southern Indian street...

    What Happened to You


    Author: James CatchpoleIllustrator: Karen GeorgeDescription: Every time Joe goes out, the questions are the same...what happened to his leg? But is this even a question Joe has to answer? A...

    The 1619 Project: Born on the Water


    Author: Nikole Hannah-Jones & Renée WatsonIllustrator: Nikkolas SmithDescription: A young student receives a family tree assignment in school, but she can only trace back three generations. Grandma gathers the whole...

    Iggy Peck, Architect


    Some kids sculpt sand castles. Some make mud pies. Some construct great block towers. But none are better at building than Iggy Peck, who once erected a life-size replica of...

    Sofia Valdez Future Prez


    In the newest picture book in the mega-bestselling Questioneers series, Sofia Valdez fights for change and finds her voice as a community leader!Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school ....

    Life Doesn’t Frighten Me


    Poem by: Maya Angelou Paintings by: Jean-Michel Basquiat Edited by: Sara Jane Boyers Description: Maya Angelou's brave, defiant poem celebrates the courage within each of us, young and old. From...

    Dear Muslim Child


    Author: Rahma Rodaah Illustrator: Aya Ghanameh Description: In this lyrical ode to Islam, Muslim children all over the world are encouraged to celebrate their faith and traditions.  Suggested Ages: 4...

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